Judgement Day

May 4th
I did not want to post that pic this morning.  It’s hard owning up to failing.  I’m pretty much back where I was at 2 weeks ago.  It’s my own fault.  I knew I was going to gain weight last weekend with our trip.  You would think I would have worked even harder this week to work it off.  Instead, I let myself slide even farther down the slippery slope.  Hopefully, I can pick myself up and try again.  I was researching Curves last night.  There is a location, about a 6 minute drive from my house.  I don’t mind paying for it, but my question would be if I could find the time in the evenings to actually go.  I already feel like there isn’t enough time in the day for me, I don’t know how I would fit it  into my day as well.  They are only open until 7pm and closed on Sundays, so that’s not the most convenient.  I just need to find something that will work.

Updated because I uploaded the wrong pic.

Also, I did this workout this morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndVjwkaLGDk     I like it because it is easy to do at home.  However, its hard trying to move around the livingroom with a 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old running around you getting in the way.   They thought I was dancing and playing.  I’ll probably have to move workout time to the evenings when Jamie is home to watch them.

Ready for Friday

I’ve been a horrible blogger this week.  I’ve been so busy watching kids, that I haven’t had much time for anything.  I’m so far behind on my housework, that I fear I’m never going to catch up.  I can’t wait for Friday afternoon; I’m so ready for a break.  I’m excited for summer break, when I won’t be doing much babysitting.

My dieting is going like crap this week.  I can’t seem to get myself back on track after last weekend.  For example:  I just had pizza for breakfast.  I’m never going to lose this weight if I don’t buckle down.  It’s already May.  I had hoped to lose at least 10 pounds by now.  I need to sit down and reevaluate my goals, and set some new ones.  I need something to look forward to, something to keep me motivated.  I’ll try to post those later on today, when I get time to sit down and think.

This has been the longest week of my life, and it is a shorter week!  Ugh.

Frustrating Morning

Please do not let this morning be an indicator of how the entire day is going to go.  Pretty please?  Ethan dumped his entire plate of waffles and syrup as soon as he sat down.  I spilled a full cup of Hawaiian Punch in the kitchen which splattered all over me, the floor, and the refrigerator.  Of course, it just HAD to be the red kind.  Then, I mopped it up only to slip and hit my forearm across the corner of the cabinets as I was trying to catch myself.  My arm is aching, but I don’t think it is broken.  Owen has been yelling at everyone since he woke up and is refusing to share toys.  He is watching the other kids like a hawk and is trying to police who plays with which toys.  I’m at my wits end with his yelling, and it is only 8:15.   Little girl starts screaming if you so much as look at her the wrong way, and with Owen in the mood he is in, she has pretty much been crying ever since her grandpa dropped her off.  I feel like my senses are being assaulted.  I have a 17 month old coming in about an hour.  Then I have to get a 9 year old off of the bus this afternoon.  I just need to make it through today.  I keep telling myself to breathe, and chill out.  Some days I really don’t think it is worth babysitting.  I would rather just deal with my own children and not have the extra cash.  

Hopefully my entry later today will be a little happier!


Note, the kids I babysit are all really good kids.  I am fortunate that they are such good kids.  It’s just that for some reason, when they are here, it brings out the worst behavior in my kids sometimes.  Most days are great, it is just a few that make me question my decision to watch all of them.  But right now, everyone is in a much better mood and getting along fabulously.  It makes me smile to watch them play together and see them interacting.  Little girl was just grumpy because she was sleepy, and is currently napping.  She is usually a sweetheart when she wakes up.  Sometimes you just have to make it through that tough hour, and everything will get better.

Anniversary Weekend Recap

I knew it was going to happen. Three days of eating out for every meal, drinking soda, alcohol and snacking was bound to cause me to gain weight, four pounds to be exact. I can deal with 4 pounds. I did have a really great weekend though, and hope to do it again next year. It was the best anniversary weekend ever. Back to watching what I eat, and trying to lose the weight!
We met up with my mom around 2:30 to drop off the kids and the dog (my brother and his family watched my dog) and then, after we made a quick stop at Wal-Mart, hit the road for Tennessee. We arrived there around 6:30 or 7. The drive down was super easy (Jamie drove the whole way). We checked into our hotel and unloaded our car. The room was really nice; it had a Jacuzzi and also a balcony that overlooked the river (not bad for $122 per night). After unloading our luggage, we went out to Red Lobster for dinner. We had both been craving seafood, and I’m glad we went there. Dinner was super yummy. I had the steak and snow crab legs. Jamie ordered the sampler that had two kinds of shrimp, lobster tail, and crab legs. For some reason I was super thirsty when we got there and wound up drinking 3 ½ glasses of soda! I told the waiter to cut me off after he sat the 4th glass on the table. I NEVER drink that much, so it was weird. We went back to the hotel for a soak in the Jacuzzi and drank some alcohol. Saturday we went shopping at the outlets in the morning. We got quite a few clothes for the kids at a great price. We picked up some toys for them at the Disney outlet. I bought a couple of shirts and a bra at Lane Bryant. It was nice to actually find my bra size in a store! (Thanks Jaime for recommending that I check them out!) I also bought 2 shirts and some flip flops in a souvenir shop. We also bought a purse for my mom to keep for Christmas. We decided we are going to go back and do some Christmas shopping later in the year. Shopping was followed by a movie: The Hunger Games.  I had just finished the last book of the series, so now I am excited to watch all of the movies.  It was a good movie.  A few small things weren’t explained well, and were left out.  Oveerall, it was still very good.  After the movie, we drove up into the Smokey Mountains. It was a nice little drive and we stopped at the scenic overlook at the top for some photos (we didn’t take nearly enough photos this weekend!). We went to Johnny Carrinos for dinner. I didn’t care for the bread and oil they served, but my entrée was delicious. I had some kind of chicken topped with ham and provolone. It came with sautéed mushrooms and fettuccini. I literally ate every last bite. Saturday night was more Jacuzzi time. Sunday morning was spend souvenir shopping and we picked up some hot fresh Krispy Kremes as we left. OMG yum! I had never had freshly made doughnuts before. By Sunday morning, I was ready to see my kiddos. I have never been away from them for more than one night, so I really missed them. There are tons of things that plan to do next time we go back, and hope to take the kids sometime. I really enjoyed getting to spend so much one on one time with Jamie. When we are taking care of our kids, it’s hard to sit down and have a nice conversation and just enjoy each others company.
I started taking a new birth control on Sunday. It is making me really nauseous  I’m hoping that I get used to it really soon. I’m also hoping that it doesn’t make me gain weight. I know birth control can do that.
One of the kids I baby sit cancelled today, so it is just me, Ethan and Izzy (9 month old little girl I babysit). I am babysitting Shayla this evening, and her mom is bringing by Justin to meet us. He will be coming here after school every day. I’m going to be worn out watching kids from 7:30 to 6:30 every day. I keep telling myself it is only until school lets out and then I am only babysitting just Ashton every other week. I like the extra money, and don’t mind doing it, but I feel like I am missing spending time with my own kiddos when there are so many others here to take care of. I’m excited to take my boys out places this summer and have fun, even if it means less cash to spend. Did I mention that I am so glad that it is Tuesday and not Monday?
Oh, and it’s a little annoying that William and Kate were married on our anniversary. So now every year we get to hear about their anniversary on our anniversary.