Frustrating Morning

Please do not let this morning be an indicator of how the entire day is going to go.  Pretty please?  Ethan dumped his entire plate of waffles and syrup as soon as he sat down.  I spilled a full cup of Hawaiian Punch in the kitchen which splattered all over me, the floor, and the refrigerator.  Of course, it just HAD to be the red kind.  Then, I mopped it up only to slip and hit my forearm across the corner of the cabinets as I was trying to catch myself.  My arm is aching, but I don’t think it is broken.  Owen has been yelling at everyone since he woke up and is refusing to share toys.  He is watching the other kids like a hawk and is trying to police who plays with which toys.  I’m at my wits end with his yelling, and it is only 8:15.   Little girl starts screaming if you so much as look at her the wrong way, and with Owen in the mood he is in, she has pretty much been crying ever since her grandpa dropped her off.  I feel like my senses are being assaulted.  I have a 17 month old coming in about an hour.  Then I have to get a 9 year old off of the bus this afternoon.  I just need to make it through today.  I keep telling myself to breathe, and chill out.  Some days I really don’t think it is worth babysitting.  I would rather just deal with my own children and not have the extra cash.  

Hopefully my entry later today will be a little happier!


Note, the kids I babysit are all really good kids.  I am fortunate that they are such good kids.  It’s just that for some reason, when they are here, it brings out the worst behavior in my kids sometimes.  Most days are great, it is just a few that make me question my decision to watch all of them.  But right now, everyone is in a much better mood and getting along fabulously.  It makes me smile to watch them play together and see them interacting.  Little girl was just grumpy because she was sleepy, and is currently napping.  She is usually a sweetheart when she wakes up.  Sometimes you just have to make it through that tough hour, and everything will get better.

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