Weekend Recap

I’ve been playing the Diablo 3 beta all weekend.  I don’t play games too often, but it was fun to do something different for a while.  I’m probably going to buy the full game when it is released in a couple of weeks.  My husband has played the Diablo 2 game for years and was really excited for the new one.  I think it is fun to play it together.  We don’t have too many hobbies in common, so it is nice to do something for an hour or two that we both enjoy.

I ate like crap this weekend again L  Why can’t I stay on track on the weekends?  Why is it so difficult to just eat normally instead of binging?  We went to Ruby Tuesday on Saturday to have dinner with my family for my mom’s birthday.  I wound up ordering the Louisiana Fried Shrimp.  I probably would have fared better calorie-wise if I would have ordered steak.  I should have looked at the nutritional information before we went, so that I could have made better choices.  Note to self:  Check the nutritional values online BEFORE eating out next time!  I also bought a Dr Pepper this weekend.  I think my problem is that I need to have one day where I can be a little bit more relaxed about dieting.  If I have one day off, then hopefully I won’t be tempted to eat like crap from Friday night until Monday morning.

Snow in April
After having weather in the 70s and occasional 80s, this is what we woke up to this morning.  Yuck!  It is supposed to be back in the 70s this weekend though.

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  1. i dont know what diablo 3 is. well i know it is a video game. LOL. but i dont know if it is like a first person shooter or if it is just a normal game. im addicted to kings of amaular reckoning (i usually just call it reckoning). my husband is playing that star wars game. i made a character on there and played for all of 2 mins. he wont let me go on there again. haha. i did really like world of warcraft but i swear that game made me fat.

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