2 More Days

It’s an I-need-caffeine kind of morning. My 3 year old is grinding on my nerves today. He is yelling at the other kids (kind of like a roaring, throaty scream) and is not responding to any of my methods to make him stop. Why does he pick up these bad habits so darn easily? I caught my niece and nephew yelling at him in this manner, and now he thinks it is okay to do it too. Yesterday, I babysat a new kiddo. She is a 5 year old named Shayla. Her mom was our Birth 2 3 service coordinator when Owen had speech and occupational therapies. She is wanting me to start watching her son every evening after school. I don’t mind really watching another kid, it’s just that the hours aren’t too convenient. I’m normally finished babysitting by 3:15 everyday. If I watch him, then I would have kids from 7:30 until 6 everyday. That makes for a long day. Right now I watch Izzy everyday; she is 8 months old. I also watch Ashton who is 16 months old every other week for 3 days a week. I started babysitting Izzy just for some extra cash, and it has almost turned into a full time job. People are coming to me and asking me to watch their kids, which I guess should be taken as a compliment.

Only 2 more days until the hubby and I are off on our anniversary weekend trip. I’m so excited to have 2 kid-free days to just hang out, relax and enjoy each others company. When you have small kids, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day activity of taking care of them, and by the end of the day you are exhausted and haven’t really spent much time connecting with your spouse. We have decided that we are going to Tennessee (Pigeon Forge) instead of the beach. While I really would love to be on the beach for a couple of days, I don’t feel it is worth the drive for the amount of time we would be there (6.5 hour drive each way just to be there for 2 nights). I’m pretty certain that I will probably gain some weight while we are gone because we will be eating out every day. Maybe I can have some discipline and actually use the hotel’s fitness room? I booked us a jacuzzi suite with a river view balcony. Woot Woot!

Weekend Recap

I’ve been playing the Diablo 3 beta all weekend.  I don’t play games too often, but it was fun to do something different for a while.  I’m probably going to buy the full game when it is released in a couple of weeks.  My husband has played the Diablo 2 game for years and was really excited for the new one.  I think it is fun to play it together.  We don’t have too many hobbies in common, so it is nice to do something for an hour or two that we both enjoy.

I ate like crap this weekend again L  Why can’t I stay on track on the weekends?  Why is it so difficult to just eat normally instead of binging?  We went to Ruby Tuesday on Saturday to have dinner with my family for my mom’s birthday.  I wound up ordering the Louisiana Fried Shrimp.  I probably would have fared better calorie-wise if I would have ordered steak.  I should have looked at the nutritional information before we went, so that I could have made better choices.  Note to self:  Check the nutritional values online BEFORE eating out next time!  I also bought a Dr Pepper this weekend.  I think my problem is that I need to have one day where I can be a little bit more relaxed about dieting.  If I have one day off, then hopefully I won’t be tempted to eat like crap from Friday night until Monday morning.

Snow in April
After having weather in the 70s and occasional 80s, this is what we woke up to this morning.  Yuck!  It is supposed to be back in the 70s this weekend though.


Oh So Delicious

Oh yes, it is delicious!  I am ashamed.  I keep telling myself that having soda once in a while is okay.  I keep reminding myself of how far I have come; I used to drink up to 4 cans a day.

Today has been a bad diet day altogether.  We went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday.  Looks like I will be making twice the effort tomorrow to make up for today!

Small Progress

April 20, 2012
I’m not going to lie, I was hoping for a better weigh in this week.  I’m am thrilled that I at least lost SOME, but disappointed that I didn’t lose much.  I suppose it was to be expected, considering how much junk I ate last weekend.  Small progress is better than no progress.  This has definitely motivated me to get more exercise in, try harder.  I had offered to help push mow our lawn yesterday, but my husband wouldn’t let me.  It usually wears me out and is great exercise.  I can’t wait for the grass to dry this morning, so I can get the kids outside and pull them around in the wagon.
Breakfast this morning was a turkey sandwich with mustard and half a cup of orange juice.  I need to make a trip to the grocery store today.  Fridays are usually my shopping days.  Plus I need to pick up a gift.  We are going out for dinner to celebrate my Mom’s birthday tomorrow.  It seems like every celebration centers around food in my family.  It is always unhealthy food too!
Some of my seedlings are coming up 🙂   We need to get the materials to get the garden box set up. I’m so excited to get the garden started and watch the plants grow! I’m hoping the kids are going to be interested in helping me water them and pulling weeds.
I have been wanting a soda lately, but have been really good at resisting.  I used to make trips to the store just for a soda when I wanted one. I think I am finally starting to develop some willpower!  This is a huge step for me.  A few days ago, Jamie mentioned those Mickey Mouse ice creams that we used to eat as kids.  They had Mickey’s face, and chocolate dipped ears. I used to buy them at school for snack time (this was back when schools were still allowed to sell snacks). I have been craving one of those ever since he mentioned it! I wonder if they are still sold?